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newsletter (June 2013)

Food surveillance structures

Source: BfR, Germany, 2014

Food Safety Surveillance in Germany (pdf 75 KB)

Food Safety Surveillance in Poland (pdf 97 KB)

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South Baltic Programme


Project idea

The project`s idea is to harmonize the way in which we interpret our common food legislation. We also want to raise competence among control staff and increase interest in food hygiene and food related issues among food businesses and consumers.
For a couple of years there has been a cooperation between Swedish and German food inspectors which has resulted in joint projects. When the project`s idea grew we decided to invite our Polish colleauges to join the project. The project has been developed through a number of joint meetings in Sweden and Germany during 2010.

The project consists of 8 activities.
We want to create similar checklists wich contains similar controlpoints for auditing food producers. In general, we want to harmonize the way in which we audit small-scale fish smoke houses which are common in the region. We want to create a question bank which could be used to carry out an inventory of fields in which there is a need for raise of competence among control staff. We will carry out a work exchange between inspectors in participating countries in order to raise competence and experience. In order to raise interest and knowledge about food legislation and food hygiene, we want to plot different award systems within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) which aims to make knowledge about hygiene at producer level avaliable to consumers. We want to create an information leaflet for crossborder traders with information regarding legislation and finally we want to create an joint webpage with information essential to both businesses and consumers.
These activities will take place mainly during four conferences which also will include external lecturers in order to increase the compence among control staff. Our target groups are food businesses and consumers in the partnership area and also control staff colleauges and food business organizations. The expected results are a better understanding and interpretation of our common food legislation both by using similar checklists and controlpoints. We will have a higher degree of competence and experience among control staff when it comes to interpretation of the food legislation. We will have raised the interest in questions related to food safety and food hygiene both among food businesses and consumers. Since there is a free movement of goods and services within the EU this project will contribute to the decrease of obstacles for foodbusinesses when they want to establish them in different parts of the BSR. A higher degree of mutual understanding of the food legislation, a raise of competence among control staff and a higher degree of information to foodbusinesses and consumers will lead to a more equal competition between companies and a increase in food safety in the partership area.

These are the partners:

1.     The Environment Department City of Malmö = Lead Partner   
2.     Municipality of Trelleborg
3.     The Environmental Committee of Helsingborg
4.     Environment- and health protection agency of Kristianstad
5.     Municipality of Kävlinge
6.     The Environment and Planning Board of Staffanstorp
7.     Municipality of Sjöbo
8.     Environment and Health Authority of Höör
9.     Federal Environmental Association of the Ystad-Österlen
10.   State Office of Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
11.   Ostvorpommern County
12.   Veterinary Inspection, regional Veterinary Office in Szczecin
13.   Voivodeship Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Szczecin
14.   Westpomeranian Region

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